Basic Mathematics - Fractions Ebook - Just $29 + Bonuses

Learn fractions with easy to follow fractions ebook and master deep concepts in fractions once and for all

A top-notch fractions ebook that will teach you everything you need to know about fractions. The book is well organized and fully illustrated.

* Do you have math anxiety?

* Do you have math phobia?

* Do you feel like math is for smart people?

* Do you think fraction is hard to understand?

* Do you feel that no matter what you can never understand fractions?

* Did you know that fractions are better understood with illustrations?

* Did you know that fractions is easy to understand if you know very well your multiplication table?

* Did you know that adding fractions is hard to understand if you do not master how to get the least common multiple?

* Did you know it is important to understand some basic concepts in number theory before you can master fractions?

If you are serious about learning fractions, here is what you will learn in this fractions ebook:

1. All the essentials of number theory that are crucial in understanding fractions

2. Avoid common pitfalls and discover every trick and strategy that will help you master fractions

3. All lessons and concepts are fully illustrated with graphs to enhance and deepen understanding

4. A brief, but very thorough introduction to fraction

5. A good explanation of equivalent fractions

6. Simplifying fractions using the greatest common factor

7. Proper, improper fractions, and mixed numbers

8. Renaming mixed numbers and improper fractions

9. Comparing fractions using the least common multiple along with use useful tips to quickly compare fractions

10. Adding and subtracting fractions with graphs and with the use of the least common multiple

11. Deep understanding of multiplication of fractions. Why do we multiply the numerators and the denominators?

12. Deep understanding of division of fractions.

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