LotusJump - SEO Software - Search Engine Optimization - $24/month

LotusJump software was developed by a group of SEO specialists who recognized that there were no practical or affordable internet marketing solutions for small to medium-sized businesses. Many companies do not have the funds to outsource an effective SEO campaign or the resources to bring it in-house. Thus began our mission to create efficient SEO software that was simple, fast, and low-cost.

LotusJump Features:

– Web-Based- With no complicated or bulky external software required, login online to optimize your site whenever and wherever you want!

– User-Friendly- No experience required! LotusJump walks you through easy, relevant SEO tasks that are assigned based on your industry and chosen keywords.

– Bang for your Buck- LotusJump is available at a fraction of the cost of an internet marketing agency. Cut costs without sacrificing a quality SEO campaign that can deliver results.

– Up-To-Date- Automatic software updates ensure you are utilizing the most current SEO methods.

– Transparent- Know how, where, and when your site is being optimized.

– Not Just a Toolbox- With expert guides, step-by-step instructions, and industry know-how, they don’t just give you the tools, they show you how to use them.

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