One Idea Can Make A Lot Of Money - How To Find An Idea For A TV Product - Only $49.95 + FREE BONUS Volume

4 Volume Book Set Reveals Secrets From 45 Years Experience Of The Man Who Gave America The Ginsu Knife And Many Hot As Seen On TV Products. How To Find An Idea For A TV Product, Get Your Idea On TV, Get Finance For It, What Makes A Successful TV Product.

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The man who gave the Ginsu Knife to America is now revealing his secrets of 45 years. Secrets to finding ideas for hot TV products, getting them financed, and promoted on nationwide TV.

Everything this expert tells you he has personally used to actually make millions – even in tough times there is money to be made in Direct Response TV and this creates an intense demand for new ideas and products. Michael Walshe, the Ginsu Man, will show you how to find and develop TV products and it’s much easier than you may think.

Michael Walshe’s list of TV product money spinners is the track record of an expert…

Ginsu Knife – Miracle Painter – Miracle Slicer – Armourcote Cookware – Chinese Wok and Steamer – Shur Lok Wrench Set Easy Iron – Power Driver – Network Watches – Maestro Pen Set Eversharp Saw – Space Maker Closet Organizer – Rocket Chef Titanium II Knife Set – Family Name Origin & Meaning.

You can now learn from – and be helped by – this world class expert.

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