Turn Your Internet Marketing Services Into A Success - Only $97

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Now you can forget about cold calling or selling pitches. This product will help you build and maintain your relationship with high-end clients.

Client Crusher (AKA Local Money Matrix) teaches people how to get high-end clients (+$1K/month) and how to perform Internet marketing services for local businesses

Multimedia course on how to get offline marketing clients, sell them, and outsource the whole job! Features over 15 hours of video, a download library with PDFs, contracts and direct mail templates, and 6 weeks of group coaching, delivered weekly.

Local Money Matrix Elite Include:

* Local Money Matrix PDF
* Quick Start Videos
* Passive Client Magnets (Videos)
* Local Money Matrix Expanded Video Modules
* Klient Killers (Video)
* Mind Bending Sales Series (Video)
* Pricing Paradigm (Video)
* Question & Answer Calls (Delivered monthly)
* Download Library (direct mail pieces, powerpoints, postcards…)
* Monthly Advanced Training Modules (training on whatever you need help with!)
* Special Teleseminars (industry experts who do this stuff for a living)

Here’s What Local Money Matrix Is All About

Local Money Matrix is all about teaching you how to get prospects and clients flocking to you… These are people who desperately NEED your services and are willing to pay top dollar for them…

* Learn how to leverage other people’s professional networks so that you get a steady stream of leads knocking on your door, whether you want them or not!

* Find out the simple strategy I use AFTER I meet someone, that pulls them in so strongly that they’re litterally begging me to do their Internet marketing, for whatever the price!

* Discover the single most under-utilized client getting method on the planet and how to blow past all of your competition by doing it (hint: It takes literally 3 minutes and will make you thousands of $$$$!)

* Learn the one technique that you can use to get people I’ve never met to call me or visit my webpage and sign up for my autoresponder… And NO ONE else is going it!!

* Download proven marketing templates so you can get huge returns on your marketing efforts… No guess work. No trying or testing. This stuff will work for you.

* Learn the simple partnering strategy that you can use to instantly get into a market, without having to cold call ANYONE or feel even the least bit uncomfortable…

*** High-End Local Marketing Blueprint Designed to get $1K+/month clients!

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