Visual Impact Cardio - Solution to Overcoming Fat Loss Sticking Points - Only $47

Why strategic cardio is the fastest way to burn body fat systematically?

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Visual Impact Cardio – Solution to Overcoming Fat Loss

  • How Stubborn Body Fat is more sensitive to insulin, less sensitive to adrenaline, and has less blood flow compared to “regular” body fat.
  • How to Overcome Stubborn Body Fat issues…why Dieting Alone rarely ever gets the job done when it comes to losing stubborn body fat.
  • Flaws in the major study which supposedly “proved” that Brief Interval Training is 9 times more effective for fat loss compared to steady cardio.
  • How even a TINY bit of insulin in your system during exercise Drastically Reduces the Effectiveness of your fat loss workout.
  • Why I recommend that you keep the Fat Loss Portion of your workout separate from the Resistance Training Portion of your workout.
  • A formula to measure How Many Calories an Interval Training Session Burns compared to a Steady State Cardio session.
  • How there is a “Time Element” to activate the system in your body which burns the most calories…and how Brief Exercise does NOT last long enough to fully take advantage of this system.
  • How Using the Precision of Cardio Machines will allow you to fine-tune the intensity of your training…allowing you to reach your fat loss goals faster… without pushing past the edge of over-training.
  • How focusing on a Weekly Calorie Deficit not Daily Calories, allows you to lose weight while mixing in Higher Calorie Meals on a regular basis.
  • How to Diet in a way that Maximizes Fat Loss, with little chance of metabolism slow down.
  • How to use Cardio Periodization Cycles…the technique where you “take 3 steps forward and 1 step back”…to Lose Body Fat Without Hitting Sticking Points.
  • Why there is a Ceiling to How Many Calories You Can Burn with Intervals…and how adding in a Strategic Cardio Routine can take you to the finish line of hitting your fat loss goals.
  • Three Complete 8-Week Workout Cycles – taking you from where you are now…ALL THE WAY to your ideal body fat percentage.
  • ….and MUCH more!

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