PPA OLSHARGB Home Accent Multicolor LED Lighting Kit - Save:  26%

PPA OLSHARGB Home Accent Multicolor LED Lighting Kit Technical Details

  • 2 each of 1-foot LED strips, 24 button remote with on/off, 16 colors, dim, bright
  • Installs in minutes, easy operation, 4 display buttons, creates bright lighting or accent lighting as needed
  • Energy efficient LEDs, less than 1 watt on dimmest setting, no more than 5 watts on brightest per foot
  • Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, garages, stairs, closets, offices, shelves, dining rooms, or bedrooms
  • Each LED strip 12 inches long by 0.4 inches wide by 0.13 inches high, double sided tape on back

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Add energy-efficient lighting almost anywhere with OLS Home Accent Multi-Color Lighting. The multi-colored LED strips are easy to install, allowing you to add just the right amount of white, red, green, or blue light wherever you please. And remote control operation gives you full power over the lighting brightness, shade, and mode.

Brighten Your World
Apply OLS Home Accent Multi-Color Lighting wherever you want extra illumination or a fun pop of color. Whether you install the light strips for safety or aesthetics, you’ll love how the slim design makes the strips extra versatile. The self-adhesive strips are easy to mount almost anywhere–add strips to light up pantries, closets, garage shelves, and bathroom fixtures, or to increase the safety around potential tripping hazards and corners.

Remote Control Operation
The OLS Home Accent Multi-Color Lighting strips are easy to operate thanks to a 24-button remote control. With this handy infrared remote, you’ll get full control of your lighting strips. Power them on and off from a distance, or choose from the wide range of settings and colors to beautifully illuminate your cabinets, book shelves, mantels, bedrooms, and more.

Use the remote to quickly choose from 15 color schemes in shades of red, green, and blue, or select white for a more natural look. Use the dimmer function to select from seven light intensities, or switch between four preset lighting modes to create the ideal atmosphere. Flash mode cycles through each RGB color with auto-timed flashing, and RGB Flash mode causes the lighting to change colors as it rapidly flashes on and off. Fade mode automatically adjusts the LED brightness in your selected color, while All Fade causes all the LEDs to auto fade with a different color for each cycle.

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