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A program featuring a combination of weight loss techniques to avoid boredom and failure. These techniques come from leading fitness luminaries such as Kathy Smith and Fitness magazine.

World-Class Experts Created An Exclusive Solution That Will Have You Shedding Weight & Feeling Great In No Time!

* Get Real Results That Last
* No More Get Lean Quick Schemes
* Stop Diet Sabotaging Thoughts
* Destroy Excess Pounds Easily
* Avoid Fatigue By Training Your Brain & Body For Success
* Learn Cutting Edge Fat Shedding Techniques

Start Achieving Your Goals With One Simple Walk.

Fitness world’s hottest stars show you the tips they use to stay slim, calm and energized. Using creative weight loss methods this 8-Step series will help you blast away fat like never before. Use the tips the pros are using and do less to lose more!

The 8 Step Solution has 8 points of focus that include mind, body & spirit. Each day, you can focus on a different aspect of our solution. Not interested in cardio today? Perfect, focus on a mind workout. Tired of retraining your brain today, no problem, focus on your butt! Butt feeling sore, no worries, rewrite your food shopping list.

With Our 8 Step 360 Degree Blast Away Fat Total Body Solution, You Can Hit Your Fitness From Every Angle And Leave No Stone Unturned Or Fat Unburned.

Weight Loss Walk Fit With Kathy Smith

For Step 1, follow world-famous fitness star Kathy Smith. Kathy has helped millions burn calories & keep burning fat with her engaging & easy walking workouts & she is here to be your personal coach as you literally walk the fat off. Kathy has designed this engaging audio program to get you walking your way to tighter buns and movie star legs. Let Kathy teach you the unique and affective system of using intervals to shed fat.

Train Your Brain For Weight Loss

For Step 2 focus on your body on what the mind is telling it. Let’s get real. How often are we working out our bodies hard but at the same time, we are working our brain equally hard in the opposite direction? How often have you been busting yourself at the gym and thinking “the pounds should be disappearing fast” only to realize you are standing still with no progress or worse, you are going backwards!

Weight Loss Reduction Hypnosis

Who hasn’t heard of Dr. Ava Cadell? Featured on CNN, Good Morning America, MSNBC, Fox News & Discovery Channel, Dr. Cadell has helped pave the way in mind over body issues. We all eat without being hungry. How do we control these urges & avoid the weight creep that so easily happens? In this powerful Step 3 of our solution, Dr. Ava Cadell – often referred to as media therapist to the stars – employs her unique positive reinforcement to make you aware of your eating habits, and overcome the uncontrollable urges sabotaging your diet.

6 Weeks To Sexy Abs

It’s not enough to think about change when we want real change to occur. We have to get up off our butts & make change happen some days. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do with the help of Fitness Magazine’s 6 Weeks To Sexy Abs workout plan. This formula is the ultimate belly buster. And this video is designed to tone not one, not two, but every ab muscle in your body.

Included in this video program is Fitness Magazine’s “10 Best Foods For Flat Abs” which will help you get your fridge & not just your mind & body in order.

The 7 Secrets To Losing Weight And Keeping It Off

In The 7 SECRETS, former size 12 and current size 2 (for 14 straight years!) Donna Krech shares her secrets for losing weight permanently. Learn successful weight loss tips from someone who has lived the nightmare of excessive weight and fraudulent diet scams. 1500 audiences in 26 countries have had the chance to hear Donna’s secrets, and now you can too!

Creative Core Abs: Shiva Rea

First follow world-renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea in White Sands National Park as she lets you in on her secrets for maintaining a firm core and rock hard abs. Unlike conventional videos, Shiva focuses on creative yoga techniques to strengthen your abs, connecting each movement to breath and enlivening your spirit.

Super Body Bootcamp

Next join Master Pilates Instructor Tracey Mallet as she combines many different workout approaches in this hard-hitting (and kicking!) video designed to energize your whole body and tone your core and glutes. Let Tracey pump you up using the super body boot camp methods that combine kickboxing, Pilates, and Tae Kwon Do to create an entertaining and effective workout.

Better Body Walk Fit With Kathy Smith

A famous producer once said, “open big, but close bigger” for the final part of this amazing 8 STEP 360 DEGREE SOLUTION, we are pulling out all the stops as you follow Oprah guest & today show contributor Kathy Smith as she takes you on a walking program designed to help you continue to burn hundreds of calories as you maintain the work done on the first 7 steps & continue the progress. With motivational music and enthusiastic coaching Kathy teaches you to link your steps to your breath while promoting correct body alignment. This fun and exciting program is designed to help you easily lose weight!

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