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How CholesLo® Is Proven To Help YOU

* Dramatically improve and help create healthy cholesterol levels (without negative side-effects or interactions).

* Lower fatty triglycerides from your blood (56% of high cholesterol cases are actually caused by high triglycerides that distort measurements).

* Optimize your HDL/LDL ratios for correct lipid profiles by raising your good HDL & lowering bad LDL, simultaneously!

* Help cleanse & repair your LIVER (this is very important because studies show that 82.7% of your cholesterol problems first begin in the liver).

* Safely & effectively help reduce your Homocysteine levels, (which is over 47.8% more accurate at predicting heart disease & arterial plaque problems!)

* Naturally help lower blood sugar levels and total-body “inflammation” – both being critical indicators of heart & artery disease.

Complete Cholesterol Solution

Complete Heart Health

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