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Traffic Travis has been used by over 225,000 internet marketers worldwide.

Traffic Travis version 4 just released, and it is even better than ever before, offering fantastic tools for search engine optimization, keyword research and pay per click domination.

Traffic Travis version 4.0 is a complete overhaul of the original. This new incarnation is bigger and badder than ever. With major improvements to ease of use, speed, and accuracy.

Easily 10x better than the old Traffic Travis – which as of right now has… let me check… 225,826 downloads on cnet.

Look. As good as the older version of Traffic Travis is (and it’s very very good). Comparing it to version 4.0 is like trying to compare Internet Explorer 6 to the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome.

Traffic Travis is the same software SEO professionals use to rank websites like yours! With Traffic Travis you will find out what competitors outrank you, uncover simple mistakes on your website and build quality links with ease.

Traffic Travis is spyware free.

Here are some of the improvements in v4.0:

* Keyword research – More accurate results, more detailed data.
* Can search domain name availability for multiple keywords simultaneously from within the software. No need to keep checking somewhere else. Saving you valuable time.
* See more detailed analysis of SEO competition. Find out just how much effort it’s going to take to rank for any keyword.
* Compare backlinks among multiple websites at once.
* Find sites to get quality links from, and how much ‘link juice’ they’ll pass… At the click of a button.
* Powerful Adsense analysis lets you find overlooked traffic goldmines.
* Adwords analysis made easy.
* ‘Mysite’ feature which makes keeping your on-page SEO in check as simple as A-B-C.

…Plus much more ‘behind the scenes’ that give more accurate and reliable data. All in an easy to learn, easy to use desktop software package.

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